Afghanistan and the United States

I have realized over the last two semesters how many opportunities OU provides us with to become connected with cultures outside of the United States, and it continues to amaze me. For example, last month the Ambassador of Afghanistan was in town for a reception during OU’s International Awareness Week. During this reception Hamdullah Mohib spoke about the current political system in Afghanistan, how it is growing, and the plans that are in place. For example, he mentioned that the number of diplomats has increased from 3 to 45, showing progress in the democracy of Afghanistan. The Ambassador stated that although the parliament is not exactly where they want it to be, there is a plan in place in order to reach that goal.

Hamdullah Mohib also spoke about the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan to practice Persian in response to a Professor’s question. He stated that he does indeed encourage students to travel abroad and practice their language skills, however he said it would be best to wait until the security plan is finalized.

Mohib also addressed the issue of terrorism and how it affects Afghanistan’s relationship with Pakistan. He said that the relationship is not the best right now, as terrorism has caused damage to the Pakistani people, however, Afghanistan is fighting back against the terrorism, and working towards a peaceful state.

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