Going Halfway Across the World…No, that’s not Scary at All.

When I first was accepted to the Global Engagement Fellowship, I knew that it would mean that I would be traveling abroad, away from my family and friends, but I just brushed the thought away since it was still far off. I do not plan to travel abroad until the summer after my Sophomore year, so I still have a while, but now I am seriously looking at where I want to travel to and at times it can be quite frightening.

The thing that has been scaring me the most is becoming sick while being half way across the world from my family. I am very independent and know how to take care of myself and get the necessary medical attention, however it is still a little bit scary. I know that I will have resources such as people to contact within my program if an issue arises, so I know that it will be okay.

In regards to being globally engaged, I am worried about adjusting and not sticking out as a tourist. I do not want to be that person that sticks out like a sore thumb when I am living and studying in another country. To help prevent this from occurring, I will do research beforehand about cultural norms and the do’s and do not’s of the country to where I am traveling. In addition, once I arrive to my country of study, I will make an effort to reach out to someone local and ask for advice of what to do to best become engaged in the culture of that country.

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