My View on the “Stories” I have Experienced

I am a person who has been born and raised in Frisco, TX. The farthest away from my hometown of Frisco that I have lived is fifteen minutes away in Plano, TX. I have not traveled out of the United States much, and even inside the States my travels have not been extensive. Due to this lack of traveling and diversity, I know that the way I view the world is very limited. I tend to see things only through the eyes of myself and those around me, which are generally very similar to mine. I do not know much about other cultures and have not had a chance to experience life through their eyes. I have only had the chance to read the story that North Texas and its citizens present to me.

I feel that this is a common theme among many people in the United States, as well as the rest of the world. I personally have suffered from a lack of exposure to different so-called stories, and I believe that many other have as well. However, we can change this. I do not need to go travel the world to see different stories, but instead I just need to broaden my horizons. I will do so by taking time each week to learn about another culture and gain an understanding for how others outside of North Texas view things that are happening around the world. By doing so, I will be learning about other stories and gaining perspective on many new and interesting topics, as well as different ideas on those topics which I am already familiar with.

2 thoughts on “My View on the “Stories” I have Experienced”

  1. Peyton,

    I completely understand what you’re saying in this post. I had the same bedroom for eighteen years in a tiny town where it was Ardmore’s way or the highway. I really respect how you are acknowledging this in yourself, especially if you have not had a specific experience to point it out. I didn’t realize my own small-town-small-mindset phenomenon until I traveled halfway across the world and it smacked me in the face because everyone around me hated our trip. You are so right, too. The United States is the size of a continent in and of itself; no wonder so many Americans don’t travel abroad let alone explore their own country. It’s huge! I am very impressed how you are setting very specific goals to open yourself up before you are forced to, as well. Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Peyton,
    I totally understand where you are coming from. I grew up in Oklahoma City, which is in no way a small town, but I attended a high school in an independent district with a graduating class of around 150. I went to school with the same people since pre-k and didn’t really have opportunities to interact with anyone else. I also agree that you don’t necessarily have to leave the United States to begin to broaden your horizons. This first semester here at OU has already proven that.

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